"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Elementary Classes - Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3

We offer a firm foundation in literacy and numeracy for our youngest students. Students also learn how to get along with others and to appreciate their Anishinabe culture and language. Our beautiful playground makes school a fun experience!

​Junior / Intermediate Classes - Grade 4 to 8

In Junior and Intermediate classes, teachers build on the basics and continue to help students achieve their best.  Students learn more about their Anishinabe culture and language and work toward graduation and success in high school.

High School Block System

First Period

LNOBO - Ojibwe

Judy Land

PPL4O - Physical Education

Tara Hedican

Block 5 - 2015

CGC1P -  The Geography of Canada

Ryan Wheeler

HFC3M - Food and Culture

Lindsay Creedon

SNC2P - Science 10

Kathy Richard

HLS30 - Housing and Home Design

Mike Gowing

GLS40 - Advanced Learning Stratigies

Laura Shaw

Block 6 - 2015

AVI10 - Visual Art

Lindsy Creedon

AMU10 - Music

Ryan Wheeler


GLD20 - Discovering The Workplace

Mike Gowing

THJ20 - Green Industries

Kathy Richard

ENG4C - English, 12

Laura Shaw