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Mizhakiiwetung Memorial School believes that the best education for the children of Wabaseemoong is one which is designed and operated by the parents and community members. The education program is a right of each First Nation member and the Wabaseemoong Education Program has been developed to protect and maintain the quality of education.

The philosophy of the Wabaseemoong Education program is to provide all students with a foundation in the culture, skills, and traditions that the Anishinabe will need to function in the modern world and to ensure that each student is equipped to make sound decisions about their future.

The Elders of the community have said that each person has his or her own special gifts. The Education Program will enable each individual to learn their gift and learn how to develop it in the future. Our greatest strength is our students' dreams, achievements, and goals for their own community.

Principal Message

I would like to encourage and support all students to learn and provide a positive learning atmosphere at Mizhakiiwetung Memorial School. I urge everyone to get involved academically and athletically.
Our staff and students bring indoor shoes/slippers and leave their outdoor shoes at the door upon entering. This is to minimize operations and maintenance costs. We must respect and care for our school if we want to use it for a long time. Remind your family members not to deface or destroy school property. We need to be proud of our school and we need to take ownership of our school. Follow the 7 teachings. Starting in the September 2012/13 school year, we will be smudging every Monday morning to help us stay positive and focused.

​Finally, I would like to congratulate and commend our students who contributed in the development and creation of our first year at Mizhakiiwetung Memorial School. I welcome all Wabaseemoong Band members to enjoy the yearbook.

Ron R. McDonald