Welcome to CGC1P - Canada and World Studies: Grade 9.



This course focuses on geographic issues that affect Canadians today. Students will draw on personal and everyday experiences to learn about Canada's distinct and changing character and the natural and human systems and global influences that shape the country. Students will use a variety of geotechnologies and inquiry and communication methods to examine practical geographic questions and communicate their findings. 

Physical Canada
Human Canada

Topics Include:

Why Mountains? Why Earthquakes? Why Rain?

Canadas: Vegitation, Landform, and Climactic Regions.



Topics Include:

Human settlement types and trends: past and present.


Population Density and Distribution in Canada

People in Canadian Industries


Human Environmental Interactions

Topics Include

Measure Consumption of Resources (Ecological Footprint)

Sustainabile Living

Green Energies and Industries

Global Connections

Topics Include

Canada vs the World (common measures of progress: GDP, HDI, etc.)

Global Issues: Canada's Role


Friday April 24


Introduction to the Final Project

UNIT 1 - Physical Canada




Wednesday, March 11

Defining Natural Regions: Ecozones

#1 - Review  U1L1 - learning objectives. (doc)

#2 - Lesson: Ecozones.

#3 - Lesson: Weather vs Climate:

 The Five Factors Affecting Climate (ppt)

#4 - Activity: Climate Graph Package  (doc1) (doc2)

Thurdsay, March 12

Factors Affecting Climate

Continue work on climate graph package / spirit week events in the afternoon





Monday, March 23

Welcome Back: Home

#1 - Home - video exploring human/earth interactions, and sustainability.




Tuesday, March 24


"Working Day"

#1 - Home - followup questions.

#2 - U1L2 - Supplemental: Climate Pack.

#3 - U1L2 - Canada's Physical Landscape (landforms, vegetations, climates) Pack

Wednesday March 25


#1 - U1 Catch Up Period

#2 - PM = Events in the Gym


Thursday, March 26

Comparing Ecozones

#1 U1L3


Friday, March 27

Physical Canada

Unit 1 Catch Up Period.

UNIT 2 - People of Canada




Monday, March 30

Population: Distrobution and Density

#1 - Lesson: Demographics (ppt)

#2 - U2L1

#3 - U2L2

Tuesday, March 31

People Patterns / Urban v Rural

#1 - Finish U2L2 - People Patterns

#2 - U2L3 - Urban Vs Rural

Wed April 1

People and Industry

#1 - U2L4 - People in Industries


Thursday April 2

Midterm Catchup

Half Day: One hour to get book in order for midterm.

Tuesday, April 7

Urban Design and Resource Use

#1 - Introduction to Midterm Summative Task

#2 - Radiant Ciy: Discussion and Reflection

Wednesday, April 8

Midterm Summative Task: Desinging a Community

Work Day for the Community Design Project. Unit 1 and 2 Summative Task

Thursday, April 9

Designing a Community, continued

Three more periods for your community design project.

UNIT 3 -Human / Environmental Interactions

Monday, April 13

Unit 3 - Human Footprint

Lesson: Introduction to measuring individual impact on Earth.

Video: Human Footprint


Tuesday, April 14

Measureing Your Footprint

#1 - U3L1 - Ecological Fottprint Quiz

#2 - U3L2 - Comparing Footprints

Wednesday, April 15

Alternative Energy Sources

Lesson: Alternative Enrgy Sources (ppt)

U3L3 - Alt. Energy Research Task.

Thursday, April 16

Life of a Hamberger

Unit #3 Summative Task (U3SA): Life of a Hamberger

Lesson: Product Inputs and Outputs

Video: Story of Stuff
Prezi: Product Inputs: The Chair
Class Mind Map: Inputs of a Pencil
Video: Hidden Costs of Hambergers


Friday, April 17

Round Up!

Three Extra Hours (!) to catch up on  ALL Unit 1, 2, and 3 Lessons, as well as the Community Design Project!   USE IT WISELY!

Monday, April 20

Unit 4 - Canada and the World

Lesson: What is Globalization? How can we measuse success in a country?

U4L1 - Canada on the World Stage

Tuesday, April 21

Unit 4 - International Trade

Lesson: What is Trade? E-Stat?

U4L2 - International Trade

Wednesday, April 22

Human Development Index

Lesson: What is HDI?

U4SA - Human Development Index

Thursday, April 23

Unit 4 - Review

Finish work on U4SA

Use remaing time for catch up.

Friday, April 24


INtroduction to the Final Project

Monday, April 27 - Wednesday, April 29


rk Periods for Final Project

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